Permian provides high quality electrical services with specific expertise in High Voltage applications. We are committed to providing a best-in-class service for multiple HV clients.  We can help from planning, construction, maintenance and testing, to emergency outage and failure recovery.  we deliver expert solutions, speed and value to our customers.

  • Ready-to-deploy repair crews

  • Balance of Plant Equipment Ready

  • Speed and Technical Knowledge

  • On hand parts and deployment​​

balance of plant

Our services of electrical BOP scopes include underground cable networks, overhead transmission lines, electrical switch gear, grounding connections for control rooms, transformers, switches, and daily or weekly inspections of facilities.  Typically our BOP contracts can be tailored for different terms and different services.

battery testing

We perform onsite battery testing with capabilities of measuring cell voltage and internal battery resistance as well as intercell resistance.  We can test batteries from 0-16V in compliance with IEEE standards for testing batteries online.  Our technicians will deploy to your location and test your batteries, afterwards we provide a Battery Analysis report identifying bad cells and full documentation for your records compliance.

install and repair kV splices, terminations, or t-bodies

Our emergency response crews are equipped with fully stocked splice repair trailers which include 3M inline splice kits for multiple common kV sizes.  Our crews typically have cables on-hand prepared for immediate onsite repair.  We can provide full service repair services that include fault location activities, excavation, and repair.

transmission and distribution line inspections

We provide our clients with high quality transmission line inspections that include a 360 degree pole and equipment inspection at every pole along your transmission or distribution line.  We take pictures, with detailed notes about equipment, bolts, rusting, cracking, vegetation encroachment, etc. throughout your assets. We can also assist in repairs as needed.

replace pad mount transformers

From time to time your pad mount transformers may need to be replaced. Our high voltage team can complete a full pad mount transformer swap as needed throughout your project locations.

construction/installation monitoring

We believe in protecting investments, and sometimes that protection comes in the form of an extra set of eyes overseeing your contractors build your newest facility.  We supply experienced professionals to oversee your high oltage installations including substation construction, underground electrical construction, transformer installations, splice installations, etc.

vlf testing of cables

We perform onsite VLF (very low frequency) testing of cables to ensure good quality of installation and to determine defects, if any of cables in your care.  Cables are subject to a test voltage as specified by client to ensure that no weak points or damages are in the cable or insulation.  We can provide same day results and data to our customers.

ttr testing of transformers

We perform onsite TTR (transformer turns ratio) testing of transformers to ensure good quality of the transformer from manufacturing and shipping.  Transformers are subject to a test voltage as specified by the manufacturer and it determines ratio measurements and variations.  We can provide same day results and data to our customers prior to installation and energization to limit the possibility of failure of a transformer on start-up.

5kV megger testing

We perform onsite megger testing of medium and high voltage electrical components and equipment.